Other Commands
I have many more commands but still hasn’t grouped it yet
nn_gif + <What you want to search?>Get the gifs to anything!
nn_cert + <description>Cert something
nn_ship <someone> <someone>Ship someone!
nn_8ball + <What you want to ask?>Get the answer to anything!
nn_helpYou have known it yet, haven't you?
nn_embed <someone> <description>Send an embed message under the name of everyone.
nn_gamemakingMake a finding team for game.
nn_creditTake a look about the bot.
nn_feedbackCan you leave a feedback to me? :3
nn_memeInteresting meme from Reddit? :)
nn_flipcoinFlip a coin?
nn_hug <someone>Hug someone?
nn_howcoolHow cool are you? :) [J4F].
nn_howstupidHow stupid are you?. :) [J4F].
nn_loadingTroll other members with fake loading gif!
nn_conganDisplay our police images.
nn_chuaheYou will understand this if you are Vietnamese. :)
nn_darkmemeYou will understand this if you are Vietnamese. :)
nn_daoliYou will also understand this if you are Vietnamese. Or try Google translate. :)
nn_uwu + <message>: uwufied messages.
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