Search Commands

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nn_covid19stats (country)

Track coronavirus cases! Aliases: ['covid', 'c-19', 'covid19', "corona"], Usage: nn_c-19 Vietnam

nn_chinese-year <year>

Get zodiac animal name of a year number. Aliases: ["cy"], Usage: nn_cy 2005

nn_weather <city>

Check the weather forecast. Usage: nn_weather Thanh Hoá

nn_npmsearch <package>

Search for a npm package. Aliases: ["npm"], Usage: nn_npm discord.js

nn_steamsearch <package>

Search for a game on Steam. Aliases: ["steam"], Usage: nn_game PUBG

nn_reddit <anything>

Search anything on reddit! Usage: nn_reddit meme

nn_urbansearch <somethings>

Get definitions from urban dictionary. Usage: nn_urbansearch C++


Responds with the progress of the current year.

nn_wiki <something>

Search something using wikipedia...